Efforts to provide accessibility and the use of modern healthcare

Access and the use of modern health care

According to the public health service networks set up cannot hope to play the role which is assigned only if they are potentially accessible and above all actually used. This the latter recognizes that the proof of access is the use of the services not simply their presence, and that potential access to healthcare in health centers depends first of all health coverage, i.e. the volume of health services, beds available for a given population. 

Any measure improving the availability or accessibility of services will lead to an increase overall use of care. Improving accessibility actually involves either increased mobility, either by reducing the distance to health services. An acceptability of accessibility is the ease with which a place can be reached with other places. 

Addressing the problem of access to the “points” where provide healthcare, recognize in distance a determinant of recourse to care health. They conceive it absurd not to integrate the role of distance to care in the health planning. The physical distance expressed in kilometers or better still in time journey, remains the main condition of accessibility. Abounding in the same direction, considers the movement of patients to health facilities as the most important aspect when using modern healthcare. 

Indeed, in developing countries, the movement of patients is almost on foot and the distances can be estimated at three hours from a fixed service. Mobility is therefore important to give all equal access to modern medical care. Raising the concern that comes down to whether the use of care depends on the geography and therefore known laws on the distances to travel, satisfied to recognize that socio-economic factors are a factor of movement over a greater or lesser distance in order to access a modern healthcare offer.

Press on modern healthcare

The press about healthcare is diverse depending on a number of factors It is possible to characterize existing titles by differentiating a number of factors:

– the editorial project (information and / or training and / or publication and / or debate);

– the generic type (ie newspaper / magazine, that is to say with a significant part of articles written by journalists, whether they are doctors or not, and whose job it is; be reviewed, with articles written by practicing health professional authors, whether these are paid or not);

– content (scientific / professional);

– the level of quality (linked for example to the presence of a reading committee, the signing of articles, the declaration of conflicts of interest of the editors, the citation of the sources and bibliographic references);

– the mode of distribution (paid or free subscriptions, free issues of issues);

– targets (general practitioners, specialist doctors, other health professionals);

– the mode of financing (subscriptions, advertising resources, subsidies) and the origin of resources;

– the type of owner (publisher, learned society, professional association), its size, its nationality.

The healthcare budget

The modern healthcare is not a cheap thing to say the least: the need to move from a vicious circle to a virtuous circle. In recent years, social security and the health care budget in particular have been put under pressure. The budgetary context is difficult and is highly dependent on the objectives set in budget trajectory.

According to the press about healthcare, the demographic trends, the chronicisation of care, changes in management techniques, etc. expected in the coming years herald ever growing needs. A recent study has shown that the health system costs no more than that of other neighboring countries. 

To respond to this paradox of containing costs and increasing needs, the government proposes a reform plan aimed at reorganizing the healthcare landscape and hospital funding. The hospital federations are well aware of the need to see the healthcare landscape evolvement plan. In this executive, they also actively participate in the various projects underway. At the same time, they have unanimously requested that this framework be accompanied by a multi-year budget which is stable and predictable.